Midlands Regional Championships 2017

Sat 11th Mar 2017

On the morning of Saturday 11th March we arrived at Bedworth early in the morning to hear we had been drawn 2nd, and our performance started around 11.15am.

Our performance went well and the press were impressed, 4BarsRest's comments started with "What a fine opening, balanced and controlled but full in sound at the same time. And as we hit the Allegro there is both spirit and detail on display." After all bands had played, 4BarsRest had predicted us in 4th place, and the British Bandsman had us 3rd. A rather daunting realisation was approaching, we might be going up into the top section.

Unfortunately it was not to be, we were not announced in the top 4, our local rivals (and friends) Foresters Brass 2000 took the title and we had come in 8th place. After a bit of research we learnt that Langley (who were joint favourites with us at top of the table) had come in 5th place which meant we hadn't secured promotion this year. What we have achieved however is securing a stable position in the table for next year which with our continued drive should keep our promotion hopes possible.

4BarsRest write up:

What a fine opening, balanced and controlled but full in sound at the same time. And as we hit the Allegro there is both spirit and detail on display.

Tuning is badly astray in the muted chords of the central slow section and one or two little slips start to appear along the way. There's a fine atmosphere about the slow music though........such a shame that tuning issues have caused problems. Warm sounds from lower band and the performance is directed with both authority and musicality. Some nervy sounds to close as we reach the approach to the Fugue.

The build to the close is exciting and so well paced leading to a convincing final flourish and capping a very solid and musical account.

Overall: Some fine playing from Kibworth. Not perfect, but exciting, driven playing but always with a strong element of control.

British Bandsman write up:

Full sound has style and character. The horns sound strong, but there are a few small smudges in the detail of the fanfare start. The close harmony section keeps moving and there is plenty of intent in the opening section, with improved detail and dynamic range.

The Allegro could be cleaner, but it is lively and attractive on the ear and improves. Good work! I like the daring intent of the jazzy section – touch of carnival. The muted held chord into the soprano solo isn’t in tune, but soprano gets through the notes unscathed. Nice calm atmosphere, but there is that underlying sinister edge too from the drums. The flugel and the following fanfare sound a touch tentative, but when the volume builds so does the confidence.

The fugue section is a bit muddy in sound but the players are giving as much dynamic range as they can and making some great sounds in the middle of the band. Performance promised well but got a bit scrappy later on.