Sat 1st Jul 2017

It is with Sadness we report that our current Musical Director, David Holling has stepped down from his position following the Denby Contest. With him we have also lost our principal cornet, David's wife Mandy Holling.

On top of being a conductor David is also a father, and now his two young twins have grown up a bit is now going back to full time work. This, coupled with living in North Derbyshire and being faced with hours of driving (or more often than not sitting in queues on the M1) has found he simply doesn't have the time to continue with the band.

David and Mandy have both said they will miss the band and have thoroughly enjoyed their time with us. David is pleased to say that he is able to leave the band in a better position than when he joined, with more players round the stands and a higher position in the Midlands Regional gradings table.

We would like to wish the David well in his role as Resident Conductor of Thoresby Band and Mandy who has just taken up the Flugel vacancy at Thoresby.