Kibworth Centenary Brass - Workshops

We provide workshops designed to introduce child to playing a brass instrument to anyone in the South Leicestershire Area. These workshops are primarily designed to give children an idea into brass playing and encourage anyone who is interested to start having lessons. Due to the nature of playing a brass instrument we don't recommend children start playing until they reach KS2. However we often deliver our introduction workshop to an entire school, including the younger children.

There is no charge for the workshops to the school/organisation however it is normally expected that we would be able to provide the teaching at the school/organisation after the workshop has taken place. Lessons which take place in schools are always on a regular rotation to ensure that missing subjects is minimised, and we will always do our best to accommodate specific requirements (eg SATs looming!).

A typical workshop would be as follows:

Introduction to whole school
- Introduction of brass instruments.
- Explanation of the types of instruments and how they work.
- A talk about where children might expect to hear brass instruments.
- Demonstrations on all the instruments.

Taster Sessions
Normally done in groups of 5-6 pupils.
A quick lesson for all pupils on how to produce a sound on an instrument.
A chance for the children to have a go on all our instruments.

Our workshops can be tailored to your specific needs, if you are interested at all then please contact our Youth Tutor, Sam Haigh or fill out the form below.

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