Success at the Areas

The day started with the band meeting for breakfast followed by the morning rehearsal where corners were covered and cobwebs were blown out and the wait for the draw was upon us. It wasn’t long before we found we we were drawn 5th and we headed over to the civic hall to prepare for the performance. The band played well, and whilst it wasn’t a faultless performance, it was as good as was rehearsed and all were happy with the band’s efforts.

We decamped to either head home or for some much needed refreshment at the local bar to await the results. And the wait wasn’t a fruitless one. For the band’s efforts we were awarded 3rd place, just one place off qualifying for the finals but a position the band was very happy with. Reading from the remarks of Alan Morrison and Christopher Wormald, our adjudicators for the day, both were in agreement that the band flowed and had a good sound with good playing from all of the soloists. The main comments for improvements were around dynamics and tempos, with some areas of tuning not being quite where it needed to be. In the words of our conductor Brendan:

A massive well done to everyone today. As I said coming off stage it was a magnificent performance with so much to commend. A huge well done to all soloists, you played fantastic and played a big part in the result today. The band as a while was very solid and the performance you gave was what we had rehearsed in the band too, so from my perspective I can’t ask for any more than that.

Kibworth band would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that helped us out today, we wouldn’t have the result we did without you, and as always thank you to all of the band members that assisted with the organising. And of course, thank you Brendan and the rest of the band for all of your efforts, I think we can all agree it paid off and we will now be taking a well earned rest before getting back to growing from strength to strength.

Finally, Kibworth band would like to wish all the best to Keir Luc and Graham Patterson who are both taking up positions in other bands in the area. Graham has been a longstanding member of the band, and Keir for only a short time, but both have left their mark on the Kibworth family and whilst we will be sad to see them go we wish them well and every success for the future and remind them that they are always welcome.

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