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The Kibworth Band are available to hire for musical entertainment at your next event.


The band can not only offer traditional brass band music, but are versatile and can play music to match most occasions. The band has one of the largest band libraries in the midlands, and what we don’t have we can usually get hold of. If there is anything which is specially required this can usually be arranged to as we have a couple of people within the band who arrange music and may be happy to do this for you.

Brass bands are normally expected to play strong marching music leading parades and the like. Whilst we do do this a visit to one of our concerts may open your eyes to the huge variety of music brass bands play, ranging from Rimmer Marches, Glen Miller Jazz, show tunes, Frank Sinatra classics, Classical favorites such as Mozarts Horn Concerto, film music, and even popular music from the 30’s to modern day.


The band give concerts and play at events in the Midlands and further afield in the UK. The variety of music we play allows us to be hugely versitile in the types of events we play for. We are able to play for weddings and church services, birthdays and celebrations, funerals, formal dinners and standard concerts in concert halls or in the open air. We always recommend that you come to a concert to hear the band before booking as we are sure you’ll love what you hear, we have a few recordings of the band available in our news section and on our youtube channel which can give you a flavour of some of the things we have played before. Brass bands are uniquely organised in such a way that almost every brass band is annually assessed on their quality. The best 80 (out of several thousand!) bands nationally are graded in the Championship section then the bands are split between 1st – 4th section. We are currently sitting near the top of the first section in the Midlands Area – a position we are very proud of. This grading gives you a rough guide to the quality of band and what you can expect from their performance. For more information on our upcoming public events visit our diary page.


The cost of hiring a band can vary hugely depending on what you are after, our standard fees (we do offer discounts to friends/family and charities) start from £300 up to around £550. Each performance is priced according to your requirements. The price will vary depending on factors such as dates, location, length of playing time, type of event etc. If you are an organisation trying to do some fundraising then we might also be able to offer a revenue share option.


The sound of a brass band matches the acoustics of a church perfectly, with the bands ability to be formal and stately or fun and relaxed at any time fitting a wedding perfectly.

The band is able to play for either the ceremony or for some of the evening reception. In the ceremony the band would be able to play all the traditional hymns and music usually associated with weddings, would be able to accompany the bride walking down the aisle and the exit music. The band could also provide lighter background music for whilst guests are arriving / departing. Depending on the venue and logistics it may be preferable to use a slimmer 10-12 piece version of our band.

If there are any pieces which you might wish to play specifically then this is ussually possible, if it’s not in our library then we may be able to get the music or commission an arrangement.

Booking the Band / Enquiries

Please contact our Band Contact, David Bingham via phone on 01536760502 or by sending a message using the form below, who will be happy to help.