Youth Bands

The Kibworth Band our proud to have two youth bands as part of our organisation. To coincide with The Kibworth Band celebrating 100 years of music making, and looking forward to the future, Ted Smith, Band Manager at the time, set about raising funds to form a new youth group to maintain the existence of the Kibworth Band. This formed Kibworth Centenary Youth.

In 2012, the bands principal trombone player, Sam Haigh started working with the Kibworth Centenary Youth Band and has now developed the group two include two bands, the Kibworth Youth Band and the Kibworth Training Band to help support players of all levels of ability.

Children in all of our bands are offered free instruments in order to learn and develop on as members of the Kibworth Centenary Youth Bands.

As part of our commitment to encouraging the development of children the most gifted children are offered places on our apprenticeship programme with the senior band.

Kibworth Youth Band

The Kibworth Youth Band is the senior youth band within our organisations and caters for players from Grade 3 up to Grade 8 Standard. The group compete regularly at local competitions and perform in several concerts a year. Most recently the band has been crowned Leicester Festival Brass Ensemble Champions.

The group rehearse regularly once a week on a Monday evening, 6.30 – 7.30pm in the Kibworth Band room.

Kibworth Training Band

The Kibworth training band was set up to cater for more beginner players and takes players who can read an octave of notes up to approximately Grade 3 standard. The band perform a couple of times a year with the Youth Band.

The group rehearse regularly once a week on a Thursday evening, 6.00 – 7.00pm in the Kibworth Band room.

Contact us about our Youth Groups

If you have any enquiries about either of our youth groups or any general questions about learning a brass or percussion instrument please feel free to contact our Youth Coordinator, Sam Haigh by using the form below.