An Update from the Kibworth Band

It’s been a long couple of years and like the rest of the world the pandemic has brought it’s difficulties for us too. We left on a high with a fantastic result at the 2020 Midlands Regional Contest and have returned to a different world. This new world has taken it’s toll on all aspects of life, including banding and I am sad to say that several bands have thrown in the towel, including at least one in the Leicestershire area. Thankfully that’s not the case with us and we are back to making music!

We have got back together and are rehearsing as normal, we initially went back to one rehearsal a week as we settled in and had to be spread to the four corners (literally!) of the band room. We have gradually moved ourselves back to a regular formation and have returned to our full two rehearsals a week as we have become more comfortable. Unfortunately do to the COVID restrictions and threat of another lockdown last Christmas we had to cancel our Christmas Concert at the last minute which left us all very deflated after we had put so much in to be ready for it.

We are now working towards our summer program which includes concerts in Northampton and Melton Parks.

We recently competed in the 2022 Midlands Regional Contest and although we didn’t get the result we were hoping for we are looking forward to the future and moving forwards. We have a had a number of changes since 2020 with some farewells and some new faces and we would like to share these with you.


Graham Patterson – Graham joined us on BBb Bass a few years ago having played previously with some of the greats in brass band world including the local GUS band. Graham (and his daughter Abi who helped us out on numerous occasions) were a great loss to the band. His sound provided the foundation on which the band was built and he will be missed. Graham has moved on to the Enderby Band and we wish him many successes in his new role.

Jeremy Wood – Jeremy has been our principal EEb Bass player for almost a decade, joining us when Iain Rayner was at our helm. Unfortunately after COVID Jeremy is now looking to relocate “down south” and is unavailable to play with the band. Having led the section Jeremy will be sorely missed and will be a huge asset to any band who he later meets.

Kevin & Janet Davison – Kevin and Janet are well known in local bands having formerly played with various local bands including Towcester and Ibstock. They played second trombone and EEb bass for us respectively after being convinced to come out of banding retirement about 4 years ago. Unfortunately the change in pace over COVID encouraged them to take a step back and return to retirement although we will surely see them on stage again soon – hopefully in some green jackets!

Stephen May – Steve played second euphonium for the band and during COVID after several attempts got married to his wife, Rachel. Steve had become a dab hand in the band, vounteering not only his playing skills but also had started to help run the band and was always happy to lend a hand. As a player Stephen was keen to advance himself and took lessons with Sarah Lenton. He was happy to help out on solo euph when Rob was not available and even did the odd “on his feet” solo too! Steve has moved back to the Leicestershire Coop Band where we wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Laura Brown – Laura joined us about 4 years ago on second baritone from Foresters Band. As a nurse with the NHS Laura worked hard with the band and in her work. Following a number of changes in life Laura decided to move on and now plays with Oddfellows band, who are much more local to her. We wish her all the best in her new position.

Sam McCoy – Sam first joined the band about 10 years ago and has come and gone a couple of times since. This time round Sam sat on the front row with confidence through many concerts and performances. He played second man for the area in 2020 and then took on the role of Principal Cornet when we returned in 2021. His lyrical solo playing was top notch and his sound was enough to mesmerise.


Whilst we have unfortunately had a few players depart us post covid we are also pleased to announce we have had a few join the band and would like to welcome all our new players.

Major Stuart Innes

Stuart joins us on the front row after 15 years away from brass banding. Stuart hails from Scotland, and grew up playing with Dreghorn Brass and Bon Accord Silver. In 2002 he joined the Corps of Army Music and spent a short time with Fulham Brass. A slight career change saw Stu head to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he was commissioned into the Adjutant General’s Corp where Maj Innes continues to serve.


Tom started out on cornet in our youth band when he was 7 years old and gradually moved through our bands and on to 2nd cornet. He has also joined Youth Brass 2000 under the direction of Chris Jeans, and sits on both the repiano cornet and soprano cornet seats. A few years back he decided to move to Foresters Brass where he enjoyed spells on repiano cornet and front row. With Foresters as a full band having now folded Tom decided to move back to our band where he has taken a position on the front row. Tom is an able cornet player despite his young age and has a promising future ahead of him.


Isobel is another promising youngster who has recently joined our cornet ranks on third cornet and has just done her first ever contest at the Midlands regionals. Although she is not one we can claim as our own, she started as a pianist and also plays with the Fleckney Silver Band who nutured her and developed her talents. Isobel has also recently joined Youth Brass 2000 and is enjoying doing as much playing as she can manage alongside her scouting and A level studies.

Katie Moore

Katie hails from the North East, originally she played tenor horn with bands such a Barnard Castle, Shepherds Brass and Durham Miners. With a move to Midlands banding she played baritone with City of Birmingham before taking a maternity break We are pleased to have Katie playing in our 1st horn seat to complete the team for her debut at the Midlands Area.


Alex joins us on second baritone, filling the void left by Laura’s departure. Alex has grown through our beginner and youth bands and is taught by our trombonist, Sam Haigh. Alex went through our apprentice/mentoring scheme where he has sat in with the band for a while and learnt sat next to our regular players to learn the ropes. Alex was the natural choice for the second baritone seat when it became available and we are pleased to be able to welcome him to the band.


This does lead us to a couple of vacancies we now have, primarily for EEb/BBb Bass and for 2nd/Bass Trombone. If you are interested in any of these vacancies, please get in touch with our band manager, Mark Smith, on 07963466380.

Youth Band

Last but not least we are pleased to say that our Youth Band has returned since September and we our hoping our Training Band will be able to start again soon, if you are a brass player under the age of 18 and would be interested in joining our Youth Bands, please get in touch with our Youth Group Leader, Sam Haigh via our contact us page.

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